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If you make it a habit to dress well, you will become more comfortable, feel better in your clothes, and find it easy to choose the right attire for occasions. Remember you are in charge of your clothing and therefore giving excuses for dressing badly is unnecessary. The style is critical when it comes to presenting yourself to the world. How you dress will earn you tags like father, poor, suave, unadventurous, among others. Therefore, it can inform how others treat you.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about your dressing as a man.


Get Fitting Clothes


Most men will wear large clothes. If you are one of them, throw away your oversize clothes and go shopping. To stand out, ensure you wear clothes that hug your body – but avoid tight ones. Salespeople can lure you into buying a wrong fit. So, avoid being duped into buying wrong outfit by visiting the boutique with a friend capable of giving you an honest opinion.


Wearing the right fit involves knowing what your size. With this knowledge, even when making an order online, you know exactly what will fit. Also, make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor with a return policy to exchange any cloth that doesn’t fit.


Supporting Pieces


If the weather requires that you put on a sweater or jacket, be keen on the choices you make. Get a proper sweater by matching its bottom and top.


When it comes to shoes, invest in a great pair. You want shoes that are easy to clean and look sharp. If possible, have more than two pairs including boat shoes, chukka boots, and winter boots. Then ensure they are in the best condition whenever you step out in them.


Stay Simple


When fully dressed, don’t do more than three colors or jewelry. No need to wear like a rock star if you want to look flashy. Instead, don a shiny accessory. Moving around with a huge logo on the tee shirt portrays you like a billboard. Avoid wearing such tees and get simple v-neck options.


Know your taste. Do not just buy clothes because they are in trend. Disregard trends because you might end up having a lot of clothes that you don’t wear. This way you save a lot of money and create a versatile cloth collection.


Get the Right Pants


When choosing shorts, don’t go for those that are long and have cargo pockets.


Your jeans need to be dark and be of the highest quality you can afford. If you choose to go bold, try out the light blue jeans. Buy Chinos in any color but avoid the ones that are pleated.




Be the kind of man that spends time and money to cultivate his image. As mentioned earlier the way you dress will communicate a lot about you. Consider your age, career, education, and relationships when making a fashion decision. Above everything else, ensure you are clean and with the right shave.

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