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Hello! Welcome to my fashion contact page! As you know, I am a fashion addict. Fashion has always been my passion and I always want to hear more and more about fashion! It can be fashion tips to how to dress when you’re going out for a fancy meal.

Why should you contact me? The reasons are endless. But I am only going to give you a few:

Fashion Enquiries: If you want to hear more about fashion, then I am always here! I can give you advice and tips on how to dress nicely or what clothes go with what. I can help you achieve your perfect look in minutes. It might not even be that, maybe you liked a fashion article that I had written and you REALLY liked it. Let me know!

Feedback: We all love a bit of feedback. That why I ask for it! When you give me feedback, I can take into account that you might not like something about my site. Then, I can improve whatever you don’t like and make it even better. It might all be negative though it might be that you liked an article and that you want to see more of a similar article. Maybe I can do that!

Technical Issues: Wouldn’t be a website if there wasn’t any issues with it. So that is why you gotta let me know. If there is an issue with my site then use the contact form below to let me know and I can fix it right away!

Guest posting: If you have a guest post to submit, then that is great! I do like to read what you guys have to say. Whether it’s fashion advice or what to wear when you want to be comfortable, then do submit a guest post. It will be a great opportunity for you as a blogger and a writer. But, I do have some guidelines I would like you to follow in order to have a guest post on my site:

  • Guest posts that are submitted to my site must be 5oo words or more
  • All guest posts should be 100% original!!
  • Facts presented should be true and all opinions must be your own
  • Content should be relevant with current content on My Click Fashion

That’s it! If you have any other enquiries then do use the contact form below and I will be back to you!

I do look forward from hearing from you