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You probably heard about statement fashion pieces, but do you know much about them? A statement fashion piece is an eye-catching wardrobe item that can transform your plain outfit into something extraordinary. It can be a garment or accessory, like a chunky gold chain necklace or a bold-colored jacket.


Sometimes, a statement piece can be related with your fashion style and tells something about your personality. A good wardrobe should have 3-4 statement pieces that you can alternately use. If you have no idea how to choose your first statement pieces, read below.


  1. Find Out Your Style

Since statement fashion pieces send a message, you have to know what message you want to convey. Know your personality so you’ll know what wardrobe item fits your style best. Remember, fashion can speak louder than words.


For example, if you’re calm and subtle, look for minimalist statement pieces. If you have a cheerful personality, opt for bold garments or accessories.


You also want to consider your existing wardrobe. You want the statement pieces to complement with your other clothes and accessories.


  1. Look At The Detail

Statement pieces aren’t limited to bling alone. It can also be something with an astonishing detail that will make an outfit become more remarkable. For example, Gucci loafers make a good statement. They’re not overly bright but the floral motif simply draws attention.


  1. Think Outside The Box

Another way to find a statement piece is to think outside of your comfort zone. What do you prefer? What hinders you from getting it?


Usually, the price is a hindrance to the amazing garment that you always wanted to have. Let go of your fear to purchase something more expensive than your average garments. Your statement piece will represent you and you want it to be something valuable.


Like for me, I bought an expensive watch that’s thrice the price of my previous watch. I don’t regret it because that’s how I like to be represented. I like to appear smart and elegant to people.


  1. Look At The Right Place

Shopping for clothes means going to many different shops and buying for statement pieces should be the same. Go window shopping and visit as many shops as you can. Whether it’s a fancy or retail store, you’ll never know when to get the opportunity to find a good bargain.


  1. Don’t Be Lazy To Try Any Fashion Piece

You’ll never know how a statement piece will look on you unless you try it. Don’t be lazy to try a lot of garments or accessories. What you thought to be unpleasant at first glance may look good on you once you try it on. Have an open mind and try as much as you can.


It’s important to note that you shouldn’t get overboard in wearing statement pieces per outfit. Limit yourself to one statement piece for every outfit to keep the balance. If you want to wear two statement pieces, learn how to direct the attention.


Lastly, enjoy! Get creative to express yourself through clothes. So look for statement pieces that show your style and boosts your confidence.

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