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You know this, it’s next to impossible not to land onto a beautiful #OOTD shot on Instagram. And they all seem so eye-catching and unique.

For the photographers that took these, what’s their secret?

I know some of you have tried taking a photo of what you thought would end up being an awesome shot with your coolest outfit on only to end up disappointed.

Yeah, it’s not easy!

Are you a blogger or simply looking to show your followers what you’ve been up to? Then you need to learn the skills of taking great #ootd pictures.

With a little perseverance, you can learn how to take great shots.

  1.    Get an experienced photographer

You don’t want someone whose knowledge of photography doesn’t pass pressing the camera button. A professional photographer will spare you a lot of hassle and disappointments.

What’s more, they will tell you how you look from their angle and the things you need to adjust for that perfect shot. This might mean changing your pose or just informing you if your lipstick doesn’t look right.  All these will help you achieve quick successive shots that look great.

  1.    The hands and what do I do with them

This is an age-old question in photography. What should I do with my hands? It is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges you are going to face. And the second hardest thing is how you are going to position your chin.

Here are three quick ways to work with your hands—you can throw them in the air, cross them or put them in your pocket.

Don’t worry about how the image turns out. More often than not when you pose comfortably, the picture will be perfect.

  1.    Move your body

It’s always a great idea to keep moving during your shoot. This provides your photos with a natural and casual feel to them resulting in a superb shoot, one that will get people to press the like button on your Instagram.

And when you are just out and about with your day having a cup of coffee or staring at the distance or walking, even better.

  1.    The outfit

It is one of the most important parts of your #OOTD pictures if that is, not the most important. Pick ones that stand out, complement the shots and grab attention.

For the minimalist, try to find a great outfit that is instantly noticeable.

If you run a fashions blog, note that the #OOTD images don’t always have to be full body. You can sit down and focus on the clothes from neck to knees.

It is here that you can explore with different poses. Often uncomfortable poses turn out to be great photos. But be careful not to wear yourself out, however, before the shoot is over.

  1.    The accessories

Portrait images are ideal as they will show your whole outfit. And if you have accessories on, whether it on your wrist or under your arm you can show them off in a natural way by leaning onto furniture.

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