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My Fashion Icons

Time and again we have witnessed changes in the fashion industry. Each season is new, with brand new colors, designs and styles. The current fashion platform is one of the biggest industries in the world but it would not have been where it is today without few notable fashion icons. Being an avid fashion lover and a cult follower of this industry I have been mesmerized by numerous people who took fashion to the next level.  These individuals have become a brand in their own right and are pretty popular around the globe.

Back in the day when people did not have social media to gain instant popularity every follower gained by them was authentic and a mark of their merit. It is the sole reason fashion trends tend to go back in time to revamp some iconic outfits worn by truly charismatic people.  I really want to stress on the fact that people from the bygone era had limited opportunities to display their fashion sense and those who still managed to pull of uniqueness in their outfits have entered my list. These celebrities have not only had successful careers but have also gained a cult following due to their fashion intelligence and exquisite style sense.  


The pop singer, actress, and model will forever be treated as an imperative addition in any list dedicated to fashion icons.  She is famous for embracing almost all styles and fashion effortlessly without having any problem in handling her looks. Since the 1980’s, she has been consistently reinventing herself to match the taste of the changing audience needs.  Apart from influencing generations with her bold style, she has been an inspiration to modern stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. What makes me drool over her fashion sense is that she is unapologetic about everything she does. This cutting-edge charisma has helped her embrace numerous fashion styles with ease. Until now, she has undergone around 25 transformations, and I assume many more are coming.  

Princess Diana

Handling constant scrutiny from media and press made Princess Diana a worldwide phenomenon.  There is no individual who has made elegance and glamour look better together. She was totally aware of her status and maintained a specific look in the eye of the public. More than often she is credited for reviving the British fashion industry which was in dire need of a person who could personify fashion.  Till today numerous people copy her dressing sense and hairstyle which is not only tasteful but also makes her timeless. The “Lady Di” blouses influenced by her style were an instant success, and her untimely death which kept people wanting to see her more, has also made her a cult figure from the Royal Family.

Bettie Page

The crush of every boy from the 1950’s, Bettie Page, was a sight to behold with blue eyes and jet black hair. Although she was just a pin-up model yet her personality and perfect figure made her enter headlines for many years. Her crazy photo shoots are still enough to shock the public and make men fall in love. She was popular as the bad girl of the fashion industry who took extreme measures to gain popularity.  Being one of the first Playmates, she had the stage to make a name for herself but left the fashion industry after a few years and did not come back into limelight until the 1980’s.

The queen of pin-ups again made her trademark style famous and became part of the spotlights to inspire many young women back then (now me!)

Naomi Campbell

The first black lady to feature on the covers of British and French Vogue is one of the most notable supermodels of all time. Again, being the first black women on the cover of Time magazine she has inspired generations to feel comfortable in their own skin.  With her long legs and vibrant confidence, she soon became a regular for fashion labels like Francois Nars and Ralph Lauren. There is an endless list of celebrities that have been influenced by her style and copied her gimmick in their performances.

These are the top four celebs that have motivated me to follow fashion and improvise with my personal taste.  I wonder what other personalities are appreciated by people, but the above four individuals are bound to feature on every fashion list possible.