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My Favorite Trends

Everyone is concerned about fashion these days. Everyone wants to look more elegant and remarkable. However, when it comes to women, the hunt for the right styles goes to the next level. Being a woman, you have far more options to ‘dress up’ compared to a man. However, it also means that you will get confused about what to buy on several occasions.

For a woman who always wants to be at the helm of trends, buying the trendiest clothing and accessories could be tricky. I bet you will get confused for a while as there are so many trends available in the market and it is difficult to choose which to buy and which to ditch.

I have chosen some of the most likeable and favorite trends which will definitely help you in looking your best this season. So, here are some of my favorites that surely boost your confidence and also add to your beauty.


Let’s start with your ears. In earrings you will find a plethora trending options but not all are worthy of your attention. Structured statement earrings are the most loved ones of all. Oversized hoops and acrylic and metal structures are becoming more popular, just like the late 80s.


It’s a French wear that disappeared from the trends list for a few years. However, this adorable accessory has again registered its presence in the world of fashion, and that too with a bang. You’ll find it in different patterns and with lots of designs. Opt for the more feminine designs for the classically beautiful French look.


Bigger and better has now become a style statement in every trend. Wide legged pants are also coming back in fashion. The trend is picking up amongst the millennials who don’t mind dressing up like their moms and dads. The pants are comfy, cozy and oh! So sexy! Wear them with a crop top or your favorite t-shirt and you will fit into the most fashionable pair of bottoms on the planet.

Long layered uppers

People nowadays likes to wear long layered uppers as an accessory. It is easy to wear and adds to your looks and also gives you a superb feeling. Sweaters, kimonos and dusters are some of its categories. Wear them short (over the waist length) or long (knee length). The more patterns and colors you have in the layered uppers, the better.


Slits are also becoming a popular fashion trend again. You can find them on mini dresses, tunics and track pants too. It is a simple detail but eye-catching at the same time. It can make any dress look sexy instantly. It will give you an edge over the peers.

Blue jeans

No doubt that blue jeans are the style statement from the vintage period but they have managed to maintain their reputation for a classy and flexible wear. 100% cotton denims are the most basic type of clothing that you can own but you can also experiment and wear denims in blacks, greys, white and even pink. They are my favorite trend as they never go out of style.


These are style statements designed for every age group. People like to wear glasses not just to look intelligent but also to add some diversity to their fashion sense. Glasses can instantly balance your face and add some much needed style quotient.

Plastic in fashion

Lucite and patent leather are becoming popular day by day. The number of people who like these items keeps on increasing. They are a fashionable and trendy substitute to cotton and silk. They are awesome, look good and will make you feel fantastic and that is the reason why it is in the list of my favorite trends.


Socks with prints have also made in on the list. Sheer shocks are my personal favorites and I own a pair of beige colored sheer socks with big white polka dotted details. They are quite comfortable to wear as well.  


Shoes with delicate work like studs, pearls and bold buckles are becoming popular once again. They are really nice to look at and will make you feel fantastic. Plus, they are a huge style statement. If you like it bold, go for these over the top shoes.  

These were some of my favorite trends of the season. Try them and let me know your experiences.