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All of us want a good bargain. But sometimes, we scrimp on the items that we actually need the most and splurge on items that we’ll only wear once. The perfect way to be frugal is to spend more on the right items.


So what wardrobe pieces should you splurge on? Here are our top picks that are worth the investment.



  • Jeans


High-quality jeans can last for a very long time when washed properly. Splurge on a few styles from your favorite denim brand. Classic cuts are great if you want something that will last for years. Don’t forget to pick up some nice denim micro-trends to be fashionable. Regardless of what style you choose, make sure that the jeans fit well for your specific shape so you look good on them.



  • Black Pants


Black pants are essential if you’re employed. Match them with a crisp white button down blouse to go to the office. Use them as a bottom for a silky blouse to attend formal events. When properly maintained, a high-quality pair of classic straight cut pants will still look nice for many years to come.



  • Bras


Another wardrobe piece that you should splurge on is bras. They’re literally the base for your outfit, especially for those with large bosoms. Get a nice fit and choose colors that match well with your other wardrobe. For example, a nude tone hides well under sheer or white garments.



  • Blazers And Jackets


These wardrobe pieces can instantly upgrade your outfit. Splurge on some expensive blazer and jacket because quality can be easily spotted on them. Choose a black blazer with a perfect fit and a nicely adorned jacket. Wear them with your simple tees and jeans.



  • Comfortable Shoes


You’ll need to splurge on some comfortable shoes to use in the office. A pair of black pumps matches well to any outfit. Another pair of nude pumps will give you more options for styling.



  • Black Handbag


Invest on a durable handbag to carry your essentials wherever you go. Designer bags don’t always mean the best. Regardless of the brand, opt for fine craftsmanship and material. Real leather is way better than the fake ones because they don’t easily break down and can last for many years.



  • Winter Coats


To be prepared for the winter season, you to invest in a good outerwear. Look for a down or a polyester-based filling to keep you cozy and warm during the colder months. For the design, look for durable seams and high-quality fabric. Wool and cashmere are more durable and warmer than nylon and acrylic.



  • Belts


Some people tend to overlook the importance of belts. For a small piece, they can upgrade any outfit and give you shape. Since they require no washing, they can last for many years.


A leather/metal belt complements to almost any outfit. Look for multiple holes so the belt can fit right your waist and allows room for expansion.

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