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The way we dress impacts how we relate to one another, and how we feel about ourselves. If we choose to dress up on every occasion, we become accustomed to a particular way of doing things. Dressing down also influences us and those around us as well. We do not have to be uptight all the time. On an equal measure, it also informs where we go, how we relate and portrays a lot about us.

The Art of Dressing Up


Looking at photos of people in the 80s and 90s, you will be surprised how sharp they looked in their attires. People were dressing nicer and looked sharper almost all the time. Even though the modern generation perceives dressing up to be of the older generation, it actually isn’t.


With dressing up, comes respect. When we appear before others well-dressed, they treat us respectfully, and we also embrace conducting ourselves in a respectable way. When we arrive in an event dressed up, we show that we honor the people who are present and respect the event without opening our mouths to say so.


How do I Dress Up?


You will have to begin by setting up standards. Then start decluttering your wardrobe to get rid of clothes and accessories that look mediocre according to the criteria. In addition to setting standards, find people with the style you admire. Whether from movies, fashion industry, or adverts, emulate someone.


Occasions and Places to Dress Up


There are many occasions and places you could dress up to attend. Some of these include eating out, attending class, church, traveling, interviews, meetings among others. Whether you are at home or going out with friends and family, try to dress up and look good. Not just to others but yourself as well.


The Art of Dressing Down


We ought to agree that we cannot dress up all the time. When you are not attending an official meeting, or are off duty, it is time to relax and dress down. Given that the society is largely dressed down dressing up can make you feel out of place. Therefore, it is time to dress down and join the rest of society.


Dressing down can portray a variety of impressions and try out all sorts of pieces. You can clash prints, experiment on a variety of sizes, dress in someone else’s clothes, and ditch the handbag.


When and Where to Dress Down


Like in dressing up, dressing down has several occasions and events it suits perfectly. Some of these include when hitting the gym, tackling household chores, taking a stroll, or just staying at home.


Both dressing up and down have their place in modern society. But by the end of the day, we all want to look good, feel good, and appreciated by those around us. So, every time you dress and look yourself in the mirror, ask yourself what your dress code is saying about you.


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