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Fashion trends come and go but a few classic items are here to stay. Nothing is cooler than pieces that still look good with the changing times.

And with our list of timeless wardrobe pieces, you will continue looking stylish with the days. Show off your lovely butt or rock that cool looking t-shirt. Let’s take a look.

  1.    Leather Jacket

The great thing with a leather moto jacket other than giving you that seriously classic look is they can work with most other styles of dressing.

Ooh plus the fact that you can wear a leather jacket constantly, with no regrets.

  1.    Classic Bateau Shirt

Get yourself an inspiring stripped shirt that is a favorite of many artists and musicians with a liking for relaxed elegance.

If you are searching for a classic top, then the bateau stripped shirt is a must-have.

  1.    Ankle Pants

It’s hard to contest with the power of an ankle-grazing trouser and for the chic that needs a bit more wear, then the ankle pants will definitely strike a good deal.

Better yet, get a black one!

  1.    Cashmere sweater

Now, these are a definite must have and will work with khaki, jeans as well as most other styles. They are light which makes them ideal for warm and cool weather.

And let’s not forget why they qualify as a timeless piece. They will not go out of fashion any time soon.

  1.    Jeans

For the best mood boost, it’s a classic good pair of jeans to the rescue. It’s unheard off for a wardrobe to miss a good pair of jeans especially if you love classic looks.

They should fit right and show off your awesome butt.

  1.    Leather Belt

It is officially a crime (since you started reading this Post) to not have a classic leather belt. Leather belts look and feel good and will last you a good long while.

Forget the cheap plastics that crack after wearing for a few days, the leather belt is definitely the one for you.

  1.    Trenchcoat

A good trench coat will be lightweight to wear in warm weather and waterproof to keep you dry in the rains.

You will not worry about it going out of fashion considering how durable it will likely be plus it makes a great classic statement when say going to the office.

  1.    Blazer

Blazers definitely fit the bill for timeless wardrobe pieces. And a good one that fits right will complement that office look.

If it doesn’t bring out your shape, pay a visit to the tailor and get it cut to size why don’t ya!

  1.    White Kicks

Everyone needs a good pair of running shoes to stay in shape. But how about one that is durable, comfortable and brings that vintage feel?

What’s more, they’ll look good on you for casual wear. We are talking about the Adidas kicks that draw their inspiration from shoes worn by the German Army.

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