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The world of fashion also keeps on changing. Sure, the styles keep coming back in trend but not before your parents start to feel curious about the big buckled belts, the embellished shoes and the wide legged pants, just like the 80s. The trends change so fast that keeping up with the fashionistas is a big headache. However, I have noted that fashion is always about upgrading your looks and it could be the key to live happily.

If you like to be at the top of your fashion game and are looking for some inspiration, read this post till the end. I am going to share with you some ways in which you could always remain inspired about your fashion choices.

Fashion magazines

My first and best choice in the list is fashion magazines. You can easily get these magazines, whether print or digital, and they have the best stuff when compare to other inspirational ideas. You can find the print publications (which I prefer over digital ones) at coffee shops, restaurants, saloons etc. The famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle Collections, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar are the best sources of inspiration for me. You can also choose which magazines inspire you and choose the best fashion trend for yourself and add it in your wardrobe.


Movies also work as an inspirational thought for you as it did for me for a very, very long time. I like to watch movies, and that really helps me a lot to remain updated with the fashion trends. The outfits used in the movies gives the idea of the upcoming fashion trend. Many outfits worn in the movies become a style icon later. Some of my favorite films are Almost Famous, Rent, Party Monster, Pretty in Pink and Cruel Intentions which provide a good vision. And the little black dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? That is one classic that solidified its reputation through a movie. So, from next time watch movies carefully and get ready to be inspired.

Fashion Bloggers

With lots of options, fashion bloggers become the best source of fashion ideas for everyone. I read blogs regularly, and it really helps me a lot in keeping in touch with some cool ideas. If you are a new fashionista and feel difficult to choose the best for you, don’t get upset. Just open Bloglovin, and you will find lots of new and famous blogs in fashion categories. You only need to spend some of your time on reading the content of the blog just like I used to do. You also find some of the blogs connected with famous brands and will give a better portrait of their offerings.


Social Media

Nowadays social media is become fashion bloggers’ first choice to interact with the audience. They make account on social sites like Instagram and share their content on it. No other platform is as suited to this genre as Instagram. It’s cool, easy and very inspiring. You can follow your favorite bloggers on it, and you can see their latest posts. You can also use helpful tools like ‘Like to Know It’, and easily get the link of the image you are interested in. It will also help you in finding other famous bloggers who can help you in finding fashion trends that suit your style the most.  


Runways are the best option for anyone to get an early update about the upcoming fashion trends. They help to let you know in advance about what you can choose to wear in the current or next season. Vogue and Elle Collections magazines are my favorites as they bring the best haute couture to me and help me in selecting clothes that match with these ideas. They really help me a lot in deciding what is best for me. These runway shows are simply awesome. You can never go wrong with runway trends.

Shopping Trip

Just looking at pictures doesn’t really do the work for me. I need to know about the colors, designs, fabrics, textures, patterns and much more. I used to dislike extended fashion trips earlier but given the kind of experience they give you and help you understand fashion; I now like them more than ever. Plus, they help me sort my preferences too.

These were some of my favorite ways to get inspired. On a day-to-day basis, my inspiration usually comes from Instagram but I don’t mind raking up those fashion magazines either.