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Where I Shop

A lot of my readers must be curious about the places where I shop for my outfits. Being a prolific fashion follower I am quite choosy over buying clothes that not only fit well but are unique, dynamic and provide value for money. Although, sometimes I do like to splurge over items for their sheer popularity, yet most of the times I am an intelligent buyer.

Some of you would agree that shopping is one of America’s favorite methods to kill time. The whole country is stuffed with shopping malls, outlet centers, and overwhelming boutiques.  You can find better products in metropolitan areas where there is no end to retail shops selling clothes from around the world. I get clothes ranging from items of daily need to luxury brands that enhance my looks dramatically.  

I do understand that all of us have a different taste when it comes to fashion but my favorite places to shop are well equipped with unparalleled fashion and style that cannot be matched elsewhere. The upcoming list is not only focused on glorifying my preferences but also on suggesting you better places to shop the next time.  



New York City

The most famous place for those who believe in the American dream, the Big Apple is all about fashion. The streets are well versed with items that can satisfy any shopaholic’s urges on earth. Being one of the fashion capitals of the world the city boasts of impeccable Fifth Avenue where I have been shopping for a long time now. If you are on budget, then surfing through the East Village will be a good idea where you can also enjoy a wild nightlife. For experimental purposes, you can check out the Brooklyn Flea market which is hosted at Fort Greene on Saturdays and Williamsburg on Sundays. Basically, you will find everything imaginable under the sun with items that are not available anywhere else.  

San Francisco, California

It’s no wonder that the Golden Gate City is also one of the best places to shop in the US.  With a variety of outdoor shopping avenues, it truly gives me a world-class shopping experience. Apart from having all the best brands to buy clothes from, it also has a lot of collectors’ units that provide you with fashion that has been long forgotten. There are numerous outlets that provide handmade items that are unique to the place while high-end designer shops in Union Square are enough to make your heart melt. You can also discover authentic Chinese products in China Town to add some diversity to your wardrobe.

Orlando, Florida

The home of Walt Disney World is not only great for theme parks but also for heavy bargains. The place is popular for providing branded clothing at discounted prices.

I suggest you to walk through any end of International Drive. The factory outlets provide products with discounts of up to 50 percent on major brands like Levis and DKNY.  If you are looking for high-end products, then Florida Mall and exquisite boutiques in Winter Park will serve you well.

Los Angeles, California

It’s a popular notion that Rodeo Drive is the best shopping street in the entire country. The place is filled with high fashion outlets like Dior, Armani, and Burberry. It is also possible that you will come across a celebrity hovering through these shops of superior quality fashion accessories. Again, you can make your way to York Boulevard to buy designer jewelry to compliment your fashion tastes.  The home of Hollywood has plenty of clothing options to choose from where only cool fashion is a staple.

Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

It has the biggest shopping mall in the country with 5 million square foot of outlets giving amazing deals on fashion clothing. Apart from this grandeur, the city is also popular for a number of funky boutiques where you can order for clothes never seen before.

These are my top picks for buying clothes that complete you style identity. I am assured that there are many other hotspots for buying quality clothing. As far as my personal experience the places stated above are more than enough to satisfy needs of any fashion enthusiast. I am open to try fresh places and look forward to gain information about them through your suggestions. Till then I’ll prepare my next shopping list.